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“Magic” Turmeric Golden Milk for Kids and Toddlers
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“Magic” Turmeric Golden Milk for Kids and Toddlers

Turmeric Milk or “Magic Milk” as it is known around our home is a centuries-old anti-inflammatory beverage that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Not only is this drink packed full of gut-healing, and anti-inflammatory properties, but it also has the most delicious spiced flavor that pairs perfectly with cinnamon and maple syrup….

OH HI! I’M Cassie!

I’m so happy you’re here!

Welcome to the Sourdough Artisan! I’m a mom of 3, RN, and self-taught home baker who shares your love for sourdough bread and fermented foods! Here you’ll find what I’m whipping up in my kitchen and hopefully the inspiration to fit healthy, unprocessed, home-cooked meals into your busy life!

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Hi! I’m Cassia. Welcome to the Sourdough Artisan!

A few years ago, I grew tired of serving my family food from a box. I wanted to know that what they were eating was nurturing, free of chemicals, dyes, and ingredients that can cause diseases. This is when I began my Ancestral Eating journey!

Here at The Sourdough Artisan, we are dedicated to learning to eat like our ancestors did. Slow cooking, fermenting foods, and baking sourdough are just a few of our obsessions.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional chef to cook wholesome, unprocessed foods for your family! Anyone can join us on this journey to ancestral health and wellness

We’re so glad you’re here!

In 2024, Start a Ancestral Eating Journey!

Scrap New Year’s resolutions and start making lifestyle changes. Learn about how to make sourdough, bone broth, kefir and lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables. Prioritize an ancestral journey and watch your life transform!

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